Single Serving Pods & Cartridges

In addition to providing the finest coffees, espressos, teas and all of the equipment and supplies for creating a successful coffee service, Segafredo also offers single service pods and cartridges for use in both foodservice establishments and office coffee solutions.

Segafredo single serving pods and cartridges

Espresso Casa – Italian Espresso Pods

Pod option modeled after our signature Mild Espresso.

Deca Crém – Italian Espresso Pods (Decaf)

Pods created from our Extra Bold Espresso, without the caffeine.

Segafredo – Espresso Double Pods

Our signature espresso in a double-strength pod that delivers an extra-bold, intense espresso flavor.

Espresso Cartridges

New cartridge system developed from our Extra Bold Espresso.

Espresso Cartridges (Decaf)

Cartridge option of our Extra Bold Espresso.


Item UPC Product Name/Description Case Pack Size
Segafredo Zanetti 47V Espresso Casa – Single Pods 6/18 ct
Segafredo Zanetti 31E Deca Crem (Decaf) – Single Pods 6/18 ct
Segafredo Zanetti 29 Segafredo Espresso – Double Pods 100 ct
Segafredo Zanetti 29P Espresso – Cartridges 150/7g
Segafredo Zanetti 358 Deca Crem (Decaf) – Espresso Cartridges 50/7g