Premium Espresso Coffee “5M” Approach

Five steps to delivering world-class authentic Italian espresso.

We at Segafredo Zanetti have developed a very definitive standard for creating world-class espresso. Each of our “5Ms” are built on four generations of Italian coffee expertise and exemplifies the art and craft that goes into every cup of Segafredo Zanetti espresso. Segafredo’s “5M” approach ensures delivery of the perfectly balanced, exceptionally authentic Italian taste of Segafredo Zanetti espresso each time.

the blend

Uno/La Miscela/The Blend

A true espresso cannot be made with a single variety of coffee bean. The art of the blend (la miscela in Italian) is as much of an art form as creating a fine champagne or composing a beloved piece of music. After Segafredo Zanetti selects the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta coffees from its closely controlled coffee farms around the world, the beans are transported to our facility in Italy, where they are roasted under standards that have been developed over generations. The result is a very aromatic, complex espresso that delivers a smooth finish without the bitter flavor notes sometimes left behind after an espresso shot. Segafredo blends easily stand up to frothed milk and the deep golden crema on top of Massimo Zanetti Espresso is achieved by both manual and automatic espresso machines.

the grinder

Due/ Il Macinadosatore/The Grinder/Doser

This second “M” in our “5M” process refers to the Italian “Il Macinadosatore” which literally translates to “grinder,” originating from “macina” for “millstone” and “dosatore” for “dispenser.” Ensuring the perfect cup of espresso requires that our beans are milled to just the right level – over-grinding yields a powder that’s too fine, and too large of a grind results in a coffee that doesn’t fully engage with the espresso machine. Professional coffee grinders refine the coffee beans to a fine powder, typically with one of two types of burrs – conical and flat plate. These highly effective burrs ensure the proper consistency of our espressos, which are then transferred and dispensed through a hopper, which must be cleaned or brushed after dispensing to avoid buildup of coffee oils that can linger and negatively affect the flavor of the espresso.

the espresso machine

Tre/La Macchina/The Espresso Machine

Moving on to where the magic happens, our third “M” refers to the espresso machine itself, “la macchina” in Italian. This is the place where the dance between coffee, water and machine begins. You may hear the espresso machine referred to as the “altar,” as it is the beautiful instrument that is at the center of every cup of Segafredo Zanetti espresso. While there are many types of espresso machines for various levels of espresso service, Segafredo Zanetti relies on the quality and Italian engineering of the La San Marco line of coffee equipment. With 90 years of expertise in creating state-of-the-art espresso machines, we embrace the culture and tradition of their finely tuned instruments. Whether you choose a fully automatic machine that allows your staff to quickly and easily serve our fine espressos with minimal intervention on your part or requiring the trained hand of a barista, or you insist on the tradition of a manual lever-operated espresso machine, we have the process, the coffee and the espresso machine to fit your needs.

the barista

Quattro/La Mano/The Skill of the Barista

With a delicate hand, “la mano” in Italian, the barista becomes the consummate professional when crafting a Segafredo Zanetti espresso. The result is the delectable, well-balanced taste that ensures repeat customers. A “5M” barista is trained to recognize the balance and quality that must be consistent in the preparation of a globally-loved coffee. Whether you employ a manual lever-operated, semiautomatic or automatic espresso machine, your participation in the process of creating a cup of espresso gives you a significant role in our “5M” system. Just as important as creating an espresso for your guests is maintaining your “instrument” by caring for the equipment with great attention to detail. Keeping the filters, screens and outlet pipes clean will result in the “5M” perfection of each cup, as residue can result in an “off” taste. Checking water temperature and pressure are equally important. Finally, with your masterpiece created, how you serve it to your guests is also an important element. Our porcelain cups are designed to maintain heat, preserve the integrity of the espresso’s “crema,” and to elevate the aromatic properties as each cup is enjoyed. Thus, you see that the skill, hand and passion of the barista are all crucial to the continuation of our tradition – the tradition that culminates with our final and fifth “M” – our Missione, or Mission.

the mission

Cinque/La Missione/The Mission

Our singular purpose as a brand, and as a company, is to extend our love for our coffee, our culture and to share the true Italian café experience around the world. As the world’s only family-owned and operated, 100% vertically integrated coffee company serving millions around the world, our mission is ultimately to reach your best customer and allow him to savor every single Segafredo experience, and to savor it often. Our mission translated into action is delivering that experience to each guest. It means offering an absolute, guaranteed high-quality product – as only Segafredo Zanetti knows how to do – from the coffee plant to the coffee cup (“dalla piantina alla tazzina”). It means providing you and your staff with specific training courses that support your commitment to your customers. It ultimately means offering each customer a complete “5M” quality product each time they are seated at your table. Together we weave our talents and our instruments together to create that pinnacle moment – that harmonic blend of balanced taste, exceptional quality and superior flavor. This is the “5M” loved worldwide. This is Segafredo Zanetti. Join us in our mission.